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Bakersfield Market Research was established to provide quality data collections throughout Central and Southern California. Founded in Kern County, in 2001 we expanded our services to Los Angeles County, Ventura and now Northern California.

Our staff are highly trained in modern and state-of-the-art interviewing and screening techniques. We know how to find ideal participants for your company's needs. All of our requiting is conducted in central locations, under careful supervision. We insure confidentially and quality control. We provide clients with the data they need.

                Qualitative and Quantitative Research


Bakersfield Market Research has provided the finest in qualitative market research services with uncompromising integrity and honesty. We use state-of-the-art focus group facilities in Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Orange County California. Our personal commitment to our clients makes the difference. Unlike most  marketing research firms, our family-run qualitative research firm takes a personal, hand-tailored approach to your focus group studies and facilities.


Our innovation and customer focus will transform your project from something you have to do, into something you want to do. We know our ability to make rapid decisions and implement course corrections is the key to your success. Allow us to make an impact on your marketing research today!

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